Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Girl of Many Words

When Claire is throwing a fit I offer her 3 remedies - a nap, some protein, or a hug - she usually accepts the hug.  And lately she's been telling me she loves me, without me saying it first.  Like the other day we were laying in her bunk bed and she was on the top, and she says, "Mom?"  I'm like yeah.  "I love you."  Then she throws down her foot and says, "Can you massage me?"  So obviously she's very affectionate.

The best however, was in the car last night.  We were on our way home from the grocery store and I had just bought her a $0.99 cupcake, super special because it came with a plastic ring.  And she's holding it, and she says, "Mom?"  Yeah?  "I love you sooooooo much, you are my best friend, and if I was a killer I wouldn't kill you...because I don't want you to die."  Gee, thanks kiddo.  Right back at ya.

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