Friday, August 12, 2016

Claire the Lover Girl

Claire has become over-the-top in love with me.  The other day she tried to make out with my face.  I told her that she couldn't do that and she was like, "Why?  Because it's just for grown-ups?"  I'm like yeah, and teenagers.  (DP glared at me.)

Then last night we were cuddling before bedtime and she looked up at me and said, "Mom.  I want to get married to you."  It was a bit funny the way she was being all romantic like and I could hear DP snickering into his pillow, but it was really cute too.  So I was like, but I'm already married.  (Like that's the reason.)  And she's like, "I know, to Daddy.  I wish 3 people could get married."  So I was like when you're a grown-up you can get married to someone your own age.  She was like, "I know, to a boy," and she made a yuck face.  So I said actually, you can get married to whomever you want, or even not get married at all.  She was like, "but I want to be with you guys.  When I go to McDonald's or to the store, I want to bring you guys with me."  Oh, THAT'S where she's going with all this.  I understood.  So DP jumped in quickly and was like, don't worry, mummy and daddy will never leave you.  It will always be us 3 together. (Aw!)

She seemed satisfied so she went back to cuddling with me and man, I just wanted to hold her forever.  Which lasted all of five minutes, because even though I wear flannel winter pyjamas and she wears just underwear to bed, she is a hot, sweaty mess.

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