Friday, August 5, 2016

Claire's Fourth Birthday

A couple of Claire's aunties came down for her birthday.  And they are all easily excitable, Claire included, so she was allowed to open a present when she woke up that morning.  She regularly wears long socks on her arms to play Elsa, so she was super happy to get her own pair of actual gloves.  Actually "happy" is an understatement.  Then her dad wanted to take her out to breakfast before school.  Hotcakes, you say?  Don't mind if I do.

While she was at school, I ran a few errands and started on the cake.  Claire had requested an Oreo cake with Oreos on it.  You could say she's obsessed.  So I decided to do an ice cream cake because it just felt right.  I baked a chocolate cake, split it in half, then layered it with cookies n cream and vanilla ice cream.  Got it in the freezer just in time to pick her up from school.  I took Gigi with me to get her because Claire wanted me to do like all the other parents do it, and bring cupcakes to school for snacktime.  So we did.  24 melty cupcakes (it was 105F degrees) and one giant one with a plastic ring and a candle for singing.  She was so proud to see us, it was pretty damn cute.  Especially Gigi who had been gone for the past 2 weeks.  I thought she'd never let her go.

Since Claire also asked that I invite all her friends from school to her official party in a couple of weeks, my dad offered to make a simple dinner for that night.  So we had Thai coconut prawn curry, chicken chili mint, spare ribs, salmon fried rice, and cucumber salad.  We made lumpia and chicken wontons for happy hour starting at 4.  And of course, a signature drink my dad made called The Claire-tini.  Simple, right? 

We did presents and cake too. It was a great time, maybe even my favourite birthday of hers we've had yet.  And since I wasn't going all out with a big-ass party, I actually bought her a couple of presents.  A giant pillow and an emoji hat she saw at Walmart.  I wrapped them in Spiderman wrapping paper so she could tell which ones were from me.


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