Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Taylor's Birthday Party

Claire's bff from her old school had a party on Saturday, so after swimming at the hotel, we went to pick up a gift and headed to Bounce U.  DP had taken her to the last party she went to there, so I didn't know what I was in for.  It was a well-oiled machine though, let me tell you.  All the party kids are ushered into a room with a giant bounce house, climbing wall, and obstacle course, all blown up.  After about 45 minutes, the kids are ushered into the next room of 3 giant slides.  From there, the third room is long tables where they ate pizza and cake, and sang happy birthday.  It was pretty amazing, and I can see why parents opt for places like this and Chuck E. Cheese where all the work is done for you and the kids have 2 hours of scheduled hardcore fun.

Claire remembered Taylor and I'm sure recognized others.  I didn't recognize the kids or parents but I'm also bad with faces and somewhat anti-social.  At 3 separate times though random parents came up to me to compliment Claire's athleticism.  I KNOW SHE'S AN ATHLETIC PHENOM OKAY, SHE GETS IT FROM ME.  But I loved hearing that, there's nothing that makes me more proud of her.  A couple of them asked if she's in gymnastics (no, it's all natural ability) and one parent seemed rather ticked because she was saying how she wanted her daughter to be a tomboy but her daughter loves dresses.  My daughter loves dresses too, she's just also a gifted athlete as well.  (I did feel bad for the kids she took out on her way down the rock climbing wall.)

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