Friday, September 30, 2016

Gigi Lost a Tooth

I picked up the girls like I do every Friday.  Race from work to meet Fiori's bus, drop her at dance class, race over to get Gigi, drop her at dance class, pick-up Claire from school, and we meet the girls at the studio.  It sounds hectic, but it's one day a week and it's fun.

And let's be real, I'd do damn-near anything for these two. 

Anyway, I brought them all home with me after dance and Gigi ended up losing a tooth almost immediately.  And Claire loved it.  Because she's obsessed with blood.

I know it was our job and I thought it would be cute for the other two if the Tooth Fairy paid a visit, but neither DP nor I had small bills and so I glossed over that part of childhood lore.  I guess we need to be better prepared for that kind of stuff.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sully At the Park

It has cooled down quite a bit now that it's the end of September, so one afternoon when we had nothing to do, I suggested we go for a walk.  (Basically I missed the feeling of wearing running shoes because I hadn't run in a while, but didn't have the motivation to get on the treadmill.)   So we took Sully to the dog park.  Claire was so happy!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Snapchat, Pyjama Day, and Cuteness

There's a filter on Snapchat that makes me look 10 years younger.  So naturally, I overuse it.  Here are some random pictures of the kids and myself.

See?  I look amazing!  Now back to Claire.  She had pajama day at school and wanted to wear her SpongeBob pjs.  It was so cute.

She's getting so big.  And so animated.  I can't even keep up!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gotta Dance

A dance studio just opened up in my neighbourhood, and it couldn't have been more perfect timing.  The girls have really taken an interest in music and choreography, plus they're getting to an age where they need to fill their time with activities and hobbies so as not to just be sitting around being bums.  I asked Gigi and Fiori if they want to take a class, and was met with a resounding, "YES!" so I signed them up for Hip Hop on Friday afternoons.  We are a sports family, please trust me when I say I have no idea what I'm doing here, but kids need extra-curriculars and we have to follow their lead.

Plus, look at how cute this is.  Basketball isn't this cute.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekend Winner

This was the fourth weekend in a row we spent in a hotel and I think I'm getting spoiled.  There's just something about hotel beds being more comfortable, hotel showers having better pressure, and of course, daily housekeeping service. 

This past weekend we went to Laughlin with DP's friend and his girlfriend who I actually get along with really well.  So that was a first.  I'm pretty picky about people.

Well we got in late Friday night and met them at the hotel bar to make a plan for the next day.  We were going to get up early and get jet skis to cruise around the river.  I was catching up with Laura when DP starts tapping me saying, "OMG I won, I won!"  He had put $20 in a Keno machine and won FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Okay, so here's why this is so great.  First of all, we were planning to go straight to bed since we both worked that day and the drive was long.  Second, he wasn't even trying to gamble, which is why it was Keno, and he had only played his first five dollars.  But third, I asked him why he picked those numbers and he said it was today's date and all of our ages.  Weird logic, for sure, you're supposed to pick birthdates but I wasn't going to be that nit-picky at a time like this.  So I checked and sure enough, it was September 18th, Claire is 4, Fiori is 8, me and DP are 35 & 36, but who is 21?  When I asked him, we both realized that he meant to select Gigi's age, 11, but hit the 21 instead.  So he won $1,500 by accidentally getting Gigi's age wrong! 

The next day, after jet skiing for 5 hours, we went out for dinner at Bubba Gump's.  I knew DP was going to treat us, being the big winner after all, so I ordered a glass of Prosecco.  They had my usual brand, and they served them from mini bottles, which greatly pleased me.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my scampi.

It was a great way to end our summer of weekends.  Bye Laughlin, thanks for the money!

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Earring Incident

Over the weekend when Fiori was playing in the pool, one of her earrings became loose and she was worried she'd lose it, so I just kind of pushed the backing in tighter and assured her it was fine.  Which was the totally wrong thing because her poor little earlobe swelled up and turned bright red.  So that evening when she told us that it hurt, we realized that it was actually pushed in so tight that she couldn't get it loose.  She tried to manipulate the backing, but it wasn't budging.  I just felt so sorry for her. 

Luckily Rishi was there because he's actually pretty great in a crisis, and he made a big deal about helping her get it out, so that made her feel tons better.

Fiori was worried that the hole would close since I told her to leave the earring out overnight, and that her mom would get mad at her.  But I preferred a closed hole to a keloid at that point.  The earring ended up going back in just fine the next morning, and her earlobe looked normal again. Crisis averted!

Speaking of Rishi to the Rescue, Claire had kind of a big day the night he came over.  And when she started to get tired, she crawled up on his lap for a hug and started falling asleep.  I told him to just put her in the bed when she gets to heavy but Claire heard me, woke up, and asked him to make her a bichona (bed on the floor) and to put her to sleep there.  Oh, and to pat her back.  Like is she totally spoiled or what?

Friday, September 16, 2016

DP's Birthday (Part 2)

As soon as I woke up on Saturday, I wanted to see Claire.  I let DP sleep in because he's an old man and can't handle a night of drinking with as much poise as I can the following day it was his birthday, so I thought I'd take the girls to the pool.  Went and did pick-ups, had to grab my swimsuit, ate lunch at my mom's, and by the time we got back to the hotel it was early afternoon and a hundred degrees.  Perfect for some swimming time!


We worked up at appetite and Claire wanted McDonald's, luckily there was one in the casino.  The girls were so hungry that they scarfed down the 20 piece + large fries I got them, and I had to buy another 6 piece meal.  They ate 26 chicken mcnuggets.  And I don't know how they did it, but managed to save room for turtle pie that they ate straight out of the box after singing 'happy birthday' to their beloved uncle and father.

We headed back to the casino after that, and up to the midway.  I remember this place being a lot bigger when I was a kid.  We had a good time playing games and Claire hit a jackpot on some spin-the-wheel game for 100 tickets.  She ended up with more than the girls who wanted to share their money and their tickets because they are best friends and share everything.  (Eyeroll.)  We got a good spot for the carnival show too, and it just so happened to be a Chinese gymnast the girls were in complete awe of.

The next morning I took the girls back to the pool for an hour before we had to check out.  I had worn my swimsuit, but told the girls I wasn't going to go in just yet, and let them play around in the 3 foot side while I sat on the edge.  Water safety is my hill to die on, and I had never let Claire in any body of water without me (or my dad) all the way in with her and 100% sober.  So this was a first.  Then when Claire asked me if I could come in so she could go in the deep end, I told her I would sit on the side of the deep end for a bit while she played there.  I was a *tad* nervous but stayed ready. 

I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this kid.  Not only does this mean that Claire can swim, this means that I don't have to get in the pool every single time she wants to!  It's so freeing!  Happy birthday to everyone!