Friday, September 30, 2016

Gigi Lost a Tooth

I picked up the girls like I do every Friday.  Race from work to meet Fiori's bus, drop her at dance class, race over to get Gigi, drop her at dance class, pick-up Claire from school, and we meet the girls at the studio.  It sounds hectic, but it's one day a week and it's fun.

And let's be real, I'd do damn-near anything for these two. 

Anyway, I brought them all home with me after dance and Gigi ended up losing a tooth almost immediately.  And Claire loved it.  Because she's obsessed with blood.

I know it was our job and I thought it would be cute for the other two if the Tooth Fairy paid a visit, but neither DP nor I had small bills and so I glossed over that part of childhood lore.  I guess we need to be better prepared for that kind of stuff.

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