Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Granma's 85th Birthday

On Friday afternoon, I picked up all the girls and we waited for DP to get home from work so we could hit the road, we were going to Temecula for his grandmother's birthday party.  I was annoyed from the get-go because he came home late after having to stay and deal with a stolen car, and that he came home in a pick-up truck.  Enterprise problems.  But Claire was thrilled, she loves that truck.  Every day when he comes home from work, she runs outside to check what he came home in, and if it's the truck she climbs into the back.  So she was so excited to put her carseat on the front bench, and the two girls and their dolls, and their doll crap, had the backseat all to themselves.

We got in late and it was midnight when we checked in.  We were exhausted, so you'd think we would have taken advantage of sleeping in at the hotel.  But no.  We were all up at 6:30, just like at home.  So that early, I dropped the two girls at the cereal buffet and hit the treadmill for a 5 mile run.  By the time I was done, DP and the girls were showered and dressed, so after getting ready myself we went to the mall to kill some time.  And buy grandma a nice present.  A couple hours before her party.

Uncle Chuck prepared a nice video where they interviewed Granma about her life, how she met Grandpa, etc.  It was lovely and the kids especially, were enthralled.  I don't know enough about about Granma's life to tell the kids so they learned a lot from it.  Then we took a family photo of the girls and she opened her gifts.  DP had gotten her a very expensive scarf that she put on right away, and I padded the gift bag with black licorice candy and Tim Tam's that my dad had brought her back from Australia. 

Granma has a lot of great-grandchildren!  Cousins Shawn and Jessi are pregnant with another one, and we stole off for a moment so they could open some gifts too.  Shawn is the only other person besides me and Claire who are 49ers fans on Granma's side so you know this baby is going to be my favourite nephew and will get lots of swag from Aunty.

People started to leave as it was getting late at this point, and I thought we should get the kids back to the hotel too.  But in true Uncle Chuck fashion I see him walking out to the backyard with a bottle of tequila and about a dozen shot glasses.  So yeah, that was the end of the going-home idea.  We haven't gotten together as a family in recent years as much as we used to when DP and I weren't married.  My nieces and nephews are older children and do sports and activities that take up weekends, while we've got younger kids that just aren't easy to pack up and dip out with.  But when we do all get together it's how it goes with family, everything just fits back together nicely.

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