Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekend Winner

This was the fourth weekend in a row we spent in a hotel and I think I'm getting spoiled.  There's just something about hotel beds being more comfortable, hotel showers having better pressure, and of course, daily housekeeping service. 

This past weekend we went to Laughlin with DP's friend and his girlfriend who I actually get along with really well.  So that was a first.  I'm pretty picky about people.

Well we got in late Friday night and met them at the hotel bar to make a plan for the next day.  We were going to get up early and get jet skis to cruise around the river.  I was catching up with Laura when DP starts tapping me saying, "OMG I won, I won!"  He had put $20 in a Keno machine and won FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Okay, so here's why this is so great.  First of all, we were planning to go straight to bed since we both worked that day and the drive was long.  Second, he wasn't even trying to gamble, which is why it was Keno, and he had only played his first five dollars.  But third, I asked him why he picked those numbers and he said it was today's date and all of our ages.  Weird logic, for sure, you're supposed to pick birthdates but I wasn't going to be that nit-picky at a time like this.  So I checked and sure enough, it was September 18th, Claire is 4, Fiori is 8, me and DP are 35 & 36, but who is 21?  When I asked him, we both realized that he meant to select Gigi's age, 11, but hit the 21 instead.  So he won $1,500 by accidentally getting Gigi's age wrong! 

The next day, after jet skiing for 5 hours, we went out for dinner at Bubba Gump's.  I knew DP was going to treat us, being the big winner after all, so I ordered a glass of Prosecco.  They had my usual brand, and they served them from mini bottles, which greatly pleased me.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my scampi.

It was a great way to end our summer of weekends.  Bye Laughlin, thanks for the money!

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