Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gigi's New Hair

Gigi has been wanting to dye her hair.  So last weekend I bleached her tips and then added some colour.  I didn't buy Manic Panic because I had seen a lesser known brand that had conditioner added, so it was supposed to be better for your hair, except that it all washed out in like 2 days.  But her tips looked good without colour too so it was okay.

Claire is skeptical of the shower cap



We also squeezed in a bbq because my mother in law stopped by with meat and I had wine in the fridge.  So we left the bleach in for like 2 hours and it barely turned bronze.  I added the colour - hot pink and teal - and it turned kind of reddish and green. 


Claire wanted hers done as well.  She thinks she's big like the girls.  So I brushed a bunch of teal on the top of her hair and she was happy, even though she looks like she wants to kill me.  I had forgotten there was picture day this week so I had to find a coordinating outfit, but like Gigi's, it washed out before then anyway.

We have a houseful of girls on the regular, so I want to show you what DP does when we're doing girl stuff.  He's watching the TV, Claire's iPad, and his iPhone all at once. 

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