Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Trip to the Vet

Sully had been acting weird since that day we went for a walk.  I thought maybe he needed his nails clipped and that's why he was moving around rather tender-footed, but then the kids mentioned he was having a hard time jumping up on the bottom bunk.  So we monitored him for a few days and when it got really bad (I was at work) Mike took him to the vet.  Of course when we picked him up, they told us Sully would need an MRI to rule out spinal disease, for the great deal of $400.  Yeah dude, no.

I walked out of there with painkillers to be taken twice daily, and after the first round that little guy was bouncing up the stairs totally back to normal.  When Gigi found out Sully was taken to the vet, she called DP to pick her up after he got back from work, so between her and Claire, the dog was definitely spoiled, loved up, and back up on the bunk bed like the Good Lord intended.  Our family was complete again.

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