Wednesday, November 30, 2016

American Thanksgiving

My mom's side of the family came down for our Thanksgiving.  I had taken the week off work and spent the entire few days just hanging out over there with my grandma and everyone.  It was fun, and man, a lot of eating a drinking.  Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays because of just that, so when you throw in my beloved family from Canada, well it just became number one.  We started out the day with ham sandwiches, games, football, some backyard golf, and of course, cocktails.

We went to my in-laws because Jean also makes an amazing Thanksgiving spread, and who doesn't want two dinners?  The girls were adorable with their dolls, and Claire had a blast being part of their little group that day with her and Sally's matching outfit.  After a plate of food, a glass of wine, and a lot of laughs, we brought Fiori with us to my mom's.

We watched more football, ate more food, and because of drinking more wine, I took a lot of pictures.  The two girls put on a show for us, and Claire opened presents/watched a movie/ate pie and convinced us to limbo.  I took shots with my grandma, and we all sang karaoke.  So you know, typical Thanksgiving shenanigans.

So basically, it was perfect.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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