Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Diwali

Diwali was on Halloween this year.  We don't celebrate it or anything, but I like to acknowledge it for my mom's sake.  She's not even Hindu (anymore) but her side of the family is in the traditional sense.  Plus I like opportunities to dress the baby up.

Claire went to Fiori's for an outing to the pumpkin patch, so DP took me out to lunch across town at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint for the best tacos he's ever had.  We laughed about Claire probably carving her pumpkin in her best Indian suit, then I told him about the time Nana was taking her pain pill before bed and Claire asked her if she was taking medicine so she wouldn't have a baby.  So basically we can't we go out on a date and NOT talk about funny stuff our kid does.  Tacos were bomb though.

On the weekend, Claire went to have a sleepover at Gigi's house.  Fiori too.  I picked them all up on Sunday because when I went to get Claire, it was like a tornado had hit and the kids were literally bouncing off the walls.  So to give Rishi a break, I took them all with me to meet Nana for tapas.  Well the kids continued their wild streak, good thing we were the only ones in the restaurant.  I couldn't believe these were the same kids who were so well-behaved at Hooters just the week before.  Must be the super moon.

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