Friday, November 25, 2016

Levi Stadium

Last weekend I took Claire on a trip to Santa Clara with my parents, to meet up with the Ram Family for our annual football game tradition.  Claire was a dream on the flight because it's only and hour and a half.  And when we arrived my cousin Tyler and his wife Chelsea met us at the airport.  We checked into our hotel and then immediately took off for a drive to the boardwalk in San Jose.  Where it was windy and freezing, yet beautiful.

We also drove by Levi Stadium and I was so excited because I had never been there before.

That night we had an early dinner at a Mexican food restaurant.  Claire does this thing where she wants to make videos for YouTube, so I took her over to see the lady making the tortillas while we waited for our table.  I probably should have told her they were tortillas before I started the Snap.  Typical little Indian girl.

Dinner was good.  Claire kept beating Tyler at tic-tac-toe and then she passed out before getting to eat.  She had the green crayon.

The next morning Claire and I went to get coffee from the 10th floor concierge.  It got me so pumped for the game that day, look at this view from our hotel!

So we got dressed and headed out.  Claire was going to stay back with my mom, but I got her dressed anyway.  It was still Sunday after all.

Then we headed out.  Tyler had a found a shortcut for our walk, which cut down a lot of time.  I had my coffee cup of wine ready to tailgate.  But I was also anxious to get into the stadium itself.  Chelsea is a Patriots fan and that's who we were playing, so by the end of the day she was happy.  Tyler had on a shirt that he kept getting compliments on, I think I need to get one for DP in my team's colours.  The stadium is better than I expected, btw.

It started raining almost immediately, but it didn't matter because we had ponchos.  I was dressed warmly enough, and I even asked my dad, who's even more of an inclement weather baby than I am, if he was okay, and he said he was because it made it more fun.  LIKE WHO EVEN WERE WE?  Oh Niners fans.  Ha.

The Niners lost the game, obviously, but my dad was right, the experience was fun.  The next morning we took off back home to Vegas.  Goodbye Santa Clara!

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