Monday, November 21, 2016

Sick Poopoo

Claire was sick all last week.  When I picked her up from school on Monday I noticed she was warm, but I didn't think it was out of the ordinary until my mom said she was really burning up.  I had taken her to my parents for dinner because I didn't feel like being in charge that day.  And thank goodness I did.  So my mom offered to keep her that night and home from school the next day.  When I got off from work and went to pick her up, she had bundled herself up and was hanging out with my dad outside.  I just felt so sorry for her, she's normally so active, it's weird seeing her just lay there.

So I took out her iPad and a blanket.

I made her come home with me the next night even though it was like she was getting worse.  And she was so cuddly and clingy.  But I had to get in a run so I set her up with a movie and some popcorn and got on the treadmill.  She chose instead to come upstairs and just lay on the floor next to me, and stayed there the whole hour until I was done.  She watched her iPad a bit, and cuddled Sully.  Then she just ended up falling asleep.

Poor thing.  That night I didn't get frustrated with her one time.  She was just so sad.  I took her into the shower with me and made the water as hot as I could stand it and had her sit on the floor so she could breath in the steam.  Then I stood there and carried my big 30 pound baby until she fell asleep and then held her all night while she slept.

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