Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2 Nights in Pahrump

I took Monday off work and was supposed to do some laundry and have a run and take a nap.  But my parents WHO ARE RETIRED (HAVE THEY MENTIONED THAT?) were going to Ikea and invited me to join them for lunch.  Well I went there at 11 and left at 3:30.  Seriously.  It's that amazing.

DP booked two nights at the Pahrump Nugget so Claire and I went out there on Monday night.  We basically just cozied up and watched shows that evening, then got up before the sun to drive home.  It was relaxing and I love hotel beds.

That evening we went back.  DP wanted to take us to a little pub he knew about that had mini bowling.  Claire LOVED it.  And we had 2 beers and played around for a bit before going to the hotel and sleeping, again until 4:45 when I got up to drive home.

I actually enjoyed the commute back to Vegas as the sun came up.  Both days we grabbed coffee and hot chocolate before the drive, and listened to Christmas music the whole way.  Obviously that's because I don't have to do it 2x a day.  Not sure I'd like it so much then.

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