Friday, December 16, 2016

Lots of Lights

DP wanted to take the kids up to Mount Charleston last weekend, he takes them up to see the snow every year.  Claire has a snowsuit and we even have a couple of two-person sleds.  For a Las Vegas Family, that says something.  (Not sure what it says, but something.)

Anyway, so a couple days before we were going to go up there, DP decided that he wanted to take them somewhere better.  Like Big Bear, or Brian Head.  So we checked out accommodations and my dad kindly booked us his timeshare in St. George, so we could head up to Brian Head Ski Resort for the kids to play in the snow.

We left after dance classes on Friday night, and before we were even half an hour out of town, we came across the Las Vegas Speedway and like a billion Christmas lights.  So OF COURSE we paid the $30 and lined our car up to go thru the display.  Each section was sponsored by a different company and the first, sponsored by The D, featured the Grinch's lair.  So you know Claire was here for it.  But you know her, she's here for everything.

The one above, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but I had to take a picture because it reminds me of a Michael Jackson video where he's speeding away from the cops in a rabbit costume only he's on a motorcycle not driving a sports car.  Am I losing my mind?  And if that's not the case, what does a rabbit driving a car have to do with Christmas?

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