Friday, December 9, 2016


My dad wanted to take Claire to see Moana and well, you know how my mom and I are.  So last Tuesday we all went to take Claire to see Moana.

It was SO good!  I found it very similar to Frozen, which no secret, I love, but Moana had better music.  And I loved the Polynesian princess.  Even though her mythical sidekick was named Maui, there was no indication that the movie was set in Hawaii, in fact it seemed closer to Fijian in terms of the accents and the ocean scenery.  Speaking of sidekick, he's one of the reasons I found it to be so similar to Frozen.  I'm guessing Disney really does have a machine that works.  Girl feels trapped in her situation/castle/island, goes off against everyone's wishes to find whatever she's looking for, has a talking snowman or mythical demigod to accompany her, there's a bad-guy song and dance number, heroine saves the day/leans an important lesson, dolls make millions.  And I love every part of it.

P.S. the music in this movie really is that good.

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