Monday, December 26, 2016

Santa Clause

So we went to visit Santa on Christmas Eve.  I told you I was slacking this year!  I don't even know if it was because I didn't feel pressure or I didn't care, but I barely did anything at all.  The kids even decorated the house and the tree, which is usually my favourite part.

I wouldn't have bought any gifts either, except that I told DP he was in charge of Claire's Santa gift and the stuff for the kids, so he went out and bought a 14-foot trampoline for all of them, that wouldn't even fit in our backyard.  I could have killed him.  To be fair, he bought some board games that I had wrapped up because he likes the look of gifts under the tree, but we still didn't have anything from Santa or for each girl specifically.  He said, "Okay, well you might as well order the American Girl doll you've been talking about getting anyway," which I wasn't planning to get until next year and had already missed the free shipping promotion PLUS had to rush order it to even get by Christmas.  But fine.  I spent the $200 for the AG Girl of the Year + carrying case.  Claire didn't know what she wanted for Christmas anyway.  Then I ran out and bought 2 posters for Fiori.  (Sidebar: cute story.  I took Claire to Walmart to pick out a poster for her room and she picked out Harley Quinn.  Fiori kept trying to get her to pick the one that she liked, that had a puppy wearing sunglasses.  Something completely appropriate and sweet for a little girl's room, but Claire was adamant on putting the tattooed harlot up on her wall.  So I bought the puppy one for Fiori with a matching one, puppies wearing headphones.)  Then I ordered Gigi one of those makeup sample subscriptions.  We usually just get one Santa gift for Claire and one gift each for the kids but my hands were tied because it was so last minute.

Okay, so back to Santa.  Claire wears some variation of black in her Santa pictures, it just kind of happened that way so I try to keep it up.  We even go to the same place every year for the picture.  This year we had Fiori with us so the whole way to Town Square, the kids lamented in the back seat about what they were going to ask for.  Claire has (just like in picking a Halloween costume) said a different thing every time we asked, and still she couldn't decide.  In the line-up, DP told her she should ask Santa for a trampoline (because he's the absolute worst) so I thought that's what she'd go with.  But then Claire got up on Santa's lap and when he asked her what she wanted, she paused like she was thinking really hard, then sweetly asked for an American Girl doll.  DP did the eye thing to me and whispered, "I'm so glad you got her that."  I honestly couldn't believe it myself.  Claire has never asked for one before.  She even knew that she was too young for one (the girls were not shy about letting her know that she had to be 8 years old) so I guess she thought that would be a secret wish between her and Santa.  It was quite a magical moment.



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